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Rock County Jury Gives Input on Medical Malpractice Case

Milton resident Robert Vyvyan has been involved in a long court battle against his doctor, William Brandt, for a medical malpractice case. In 2015, Vyvyan was having trouble swallowing and went in for a physical. Dr. Brandt performed an upper endoscopy, and performed a dilation, narrowing the esophagus. The dilation caused perforation of the esophagus, and Vyvyan went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to UW for emergency surgery. Vyvyan has a condition called Eosinophilic Esophagitis, which was causing inflammation, and Dr. Brandt failed to recognize that before the dilation. Scott Salemi, who represented Vyvyan in his case, noted alternate measures that should have been taken. *quote* He also noted that Dr. Brandt is an internal medicine specialist, and not a board certified gastroenterologist. The emergency surgery Vyvyan underwent as a result of Dr. Brandt’s actions caused a large scar from Vyvyan’s armpit to his waist, and Vyvyan will have difficulties performing tasks at work and on his farm for the rest of his life. Last night, the jury in the case decided to award Vyvyan medical compensation and also compensations for time spent off work and for his pain and suffering.

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