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DEVELOPING STORY: Probable Drowning On Geneva Lake In Williams Bay *POST WILL BE UPDATED*

UPDATE: At 8:05 AM this morning, Geneva Lake Law Enforcement Agency reported that a team from Illinois Division 3 was responding with a remotely operated vehicle to assist in the search for the missing individual. Both Geneva Lake Police and Williams Bay Police called the situation a "probable drowning".

Agencies from around the area continue to investigate a missing individual on Geneva Lake. The incident happened around 4 PM Tuesday, and agencies from multiple states were on scene in multiple locations around Williams Bay.

Staging locations were set up at George Williams College and boats were also launching from the Williams Bay Municipal Pier. Geneva Lake Law Enforcement Agency is the lead on the investigation, and Williams Bay Police said the Williams Bay Boat Launch is closed until further notice, with watercraft being requested to avoid the north shore between Fontana and Conference Point.

Just some of the agencies seen in the staging area included fire departments from Linn, Whitewater, Town of Delavan, East Troy, Williams Bay, Lake Geneva, and the Racine Fire Bells, as well as Libertyville and Lake Forest, Illinois among many others from Wisconsin and Illinois. Stay tuned to WSLD for more information on this developing story.

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