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Mukwonago Police Warning of Scam

According to an update from the Village of Mukwonago, yesterday they received a complaint of an aggressive scam call. The male complainant, a father of college aged children, received a call on his cell phone labeled as SPAM while at work. The complainant stated that he normally doesn’t answer SPAM calls but was waiting for a call from someone who had a history of calling from valid numbers that were labeled SPAM.

Upon answering, he was immediately confronted by a frantic female voice calling him ‘Dad’ begging for help and said that she had been kidnapped and to do what the kidnapper said. The complainant stated that the frantic female did sound like his daughter. The phone was then abruptly turned over to an angry male voice who threatened violence on the female unless the complainant went to the bank for money. The complainant was ordered not to tell anyone about the phone call and was requested to tell the caller where his location was along with the location of his bank.

While still on the phone and with help from co-workers around him, the complainant was able to confirm through his wife that his daughter, who was currently out of state, was okay and uninvolved.

Be aware that no names are involved and the scammers rely on the victim’s emotions to fill in the blanks and make sense out of what is being yelled at them in the moment. The scammers then demand your location so they can find you on a map and instruct you to go to area money access points, further selling the idea that they are familiar with you and your family. The Village of Mukwonago Police Department wants you to be aware of this aggressive angle of the “grandchild calling grandparents for bail money" scam.

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