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Mother Under Arrest For Kneeling on Sons Neck

A Genoa City woman has been arrested and charged with felony child abuse for kneeling on her son’s neck according to reports. Keriann Smith allegedly pinned her 14 year old son to the floor and placed her knee on his throat and asked her son if he wanted to die just like George Floyd. The Boy called police to report the attack and when police arrived at the apartment they found scratches on the boys back, abrasions on his neck and bite marks on his shoulder. His sister was able to get the attack on video and Smith can be seen in the video with her knee on the boy’s throat and he gasps for air, she knelt on her son's neck for 48 seconds. The sister allegedly had been choked and punched by Smith and they led police to their mother's drug supply which included trazodone and Marijuana. In addition to the two felonies she was charged with possession of THC, possession of an illegally obtained prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct and misdemeanor battery. If convicted on all charges Smith could face 14 years in prison and 33 thousand dollars in fines. She is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in Walworth County Circuit Court on Aug 3rd.

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