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Lyons Fire Officer Promotions, Raffle Basket Update

The Lyons Township Fire Department held its annual officer elections earlier this week. A full list of those being promoted to officers will be posted below. Additionally, the department says they have received lots of requests for residents to purchase basket raffles without having to be present. A full list of available basket raffles will also be posted below. Tickets can be purchased through PayPal or through PayPal email Tickets are $1 for each, $5 for 6 and $20 for 25. Please include name, phone number, and which basket you want tickets included in.

According to the department, the following firefighters have been elected as officers:

Fire Chief Neal Lara

2nd Assistant Chief Ben Nitsch

Engine Company Captain Dave Rex

Hose Company Captain Ben Blink

Engine Company 1st Lieutenant Chris Miller

Hose Company 1st Lieutenant Nick Johannesen

Rescue Squad 1st Lieutenant Breanna Blink

Engine Company 2nd Lieutenant Steve Miller

Hose Company 2nd Lieutenant Isaac Hannula

Rescue Squad 2nd Lieutenant & Executive Board Member Beth Vrchota

Safety Officer Mike Swanson

Residents can stop by Riverview Park on July 24 between 11 and 5 to congratulate these new members

The following raffle baskets are still available:

#1 Fire Pit (Family) - Includes Graham Crackers, Chocolate Bars, Marshmallows, Roasting Sticks, Fire Logs and Throw

#2 Water Park (Family) - Include Timber Ridge Party Package for 12 guests and inflatable.

#3 Weather Station (Family) - Includes Weather Station, Umbrella and boot planter/plant or succulent

#4 War Hawks Gear (Family)- Includes UW Whitewater Gear bag, Shirts and Water Bottles

#5 Grand Geneva Golf (Adult) - Includes Grand Geneva Round of golf for four, balls/tees, cooler bag, spiked Arnold Palmer and journal

#6 Stowell's Tote Bag (Adult) - Includes Tote bag, wine, Thermo Cup and $75 gift certificate

#7 Jackson's Hole (Adult) - Includes tshirt, Kozies, Spiced Rum and $25 gift certificate

#8 Bath Tote (Adult) - Includes Bath towels/cloths and tote

#9 Jack Daniels Grilling (Adult) - Small Table Top Grill, grilling Apron, Assorted BBQ sauces, Utensils, Jack Daniels/Coke and assorted grilling meats

#10 Blend me a batch (Adult) - Includes Blender, Mango Dauquiri Mix, Mango Rum, Tropical Drink Pouches and glasses

#11 But First Coffee (Adult) - Includes Frangelico Coffee Press, Coffee Cups, Coffee Beans, Canister and Bailey's Light Liquor

#12 Brews For You (Adult) - Includes Various Cases of beer, straw hat, flip flops and beach towel

#13 Cozy Comfort(Adult) - Includes wicker basket, afgan, Wisconsin Sign, Garden tools & Sign and Bailey's

#14 Lyons Fire (Adult) - Includes Fire Extinguisher, Lyons Sign, Jim Beam Fire and Lyons Swag

#15 Car Wash Bucket (Adult) - Includes Turtle Wax Products, Car Wash liquid soap, bucket and 2 oil change certificates C Smith Repair

#16 Camp Out (Kids) - Includes 2 man Tent, Walkie Talkies, Camping Light, Batteries and Jiffy Pop Popcorn

#17 Let's Go Fishing (Kids) - Includes Goldfish/Swedish Fish, Fishing Chair, Fishing Pole and Tackle Box

#18 Sand/Sun/Water (Kids) - Includes Turtle Sand Box, Frog, Sand Toys and Parachute

#19 Oddles of Art (Kids) - Includes Doodle 'n Draw Table, Crayons/Pencils/paper and art set

#20 Action Figures (Kids) - Includes various action figures

They are also waiting on additional items and will post them once received.

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