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Lions Beach Reopens in Janesville

According to an update from the City of Janesville, the Recreation Division has reopened Lions Beach after receiving water quality test results indicating lower bacteria levels in the swimming area.

City staff takes weekly water quality samples at the beach for testing to monitor E. coli bacteria. Last week, a water quality test showed elevated bacteria levels (1,203 CFU/100 mL) in the beach’s swimming area. This result required the City to close the beach to swimming. However, the most recent water quality test has shown diminished bacteria levels of four CFU/100 mL in the swimming area. These results allow the City to reopen the beach immediately.

Water quality standards state that any test result between 0-250 CFU/100 mL is safe for swimming. Test results between 250-1,000 CFU/100 mL are safe for swimming but require public notice. Any test result greater than 1,000 CFU/100 mL mandates the swimming area to be closed pending further testing.

For questions, contact the Janesville Recreation Division at (608) 755-3030.

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