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Lake Geneva Police Department Shares Update on Badger High School Early Dismissal

In a press release from the Lake Geneva Police Department, they have provided an update on today’s early dismissal at Badger High School. Today shortly before 9 a.m. a School Resource Officer at Badger High School received information that there was going to be a school shorting between 11-11:35a.m. at the school. This information was relayed to a student via text message from an unknown telephone number. Detectives with the City of Lake Geneva Police Department were able to track the phone number down to a juvenile resident in the Town of Geneva. The juvenile was interviewed, and stated that they sent the threatening text message as a joke and was only trying to scare the friend. The juvenile also tried to hide their phone from detectives upon their arrival to the juveniles home. The juvenile was taken into custody and turned over to Walworth County Juvenile Intake, and charges for terrorist threats are going to be referred to the Walworth County District Attorney’s office on the juvenile.

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