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Janesville Receives Grants for Fisher Creek Trail

At last night’s Janesville City Council meeting, City Manager Mark Frietag discussed how the city has tentatively received two grants (the Transportation Alternatives Program Grant and Recreational Trails Program Grant) for the Fisher Creek Trail from the state. These grants focus on enhancing natural resources and connecting neighborhoods and schools to transportation options.

The Transportation Alternatives Program grant is in the amount of $498,656, and requires a 20% match from the city. This grant will cover Court Street to Dartmouth, and will also connect to Parker High School.

The Recreational Trails Program grant has an amount of $249,450 and requires a 50% match from the city. This grant will cover Rockport Road to Court Street.

The projects will improve 1.41 total miles of trail on Janesville’s west side. The city is still working on final project costs. To watch the full Janesville City Council meeting, visit

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