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Janesville Police Locate Robbery Suspect

According to a press release from the Janesville Police Department, yesterday at about 8 a.m. Officer Scott Katzenmeyer was following up on a robbery investigation that occurred at 104 East Racine Street on August 29, and also a retail theft that occurred at 2500 Milton Avenue that same afternoon following the robbery. Joshua S. Sokolik was the suspect in both incidents.

Officer Mikkelsen was following up on a tip provided to the police department regarding both incidents, and the whereabouts of Josh Sokolik. A few moments later, Officer Katzenmeyer located Sokolik and took him into custody without any further incident.

Sokolik is currently being held at the Rock County Jail on a charge of Robbery. This investigation is ongoing as additional evidence is processed and evaluated. Sokloik was also charged for the retail theft at 2500 Milton Avenue, which is a misdemeanor charge. Sokolik has been charged with retail theft 5 times since August 2022.

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