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Janesville Police Department Still Investigating September 28 Fatal Traffic Accident

According to a press release from the Janesville Police Department, the investigation of the fatal traffic accident that occurred on September 28 at Prairie Avenue and East Memorial is still ongoing. At this point, there is no evidence to indicate the driver was driving recklessly.

The driver of the vehicle was on Prairie Avenue facing northbound at East Memorial. The vehicle was stopped at the stop sign. The young boy was walking West on East Memorial on the South side of the street crossing Prairie Avenue. The driver did not see the young boy enter the street when she made a right turn onto East Memorial to head East. Police do not believe speed was a factor in this accident and the vehicle was not traveling on East Memorial before the accident.

The Wisconsin State Patrol is assisting with this investigation. They provided technology and personnel to document any possible blind spots based on how the driver was seated in the driver’s seat. The vehicle did have illegal window tint, and the driver of the vehicle has been cooperative with the investigation and is identified as 39 year old Janesville resident Brenda Violante. She has since been charged with operating without a license causing death. More information on this story will be given as it becomes available.

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