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Janesville Police Arrest Chicago Woman for Criminal Trespass to Dwelling, Battery, and More

According to an update from the Janesville Police Department, yesterday at about 2:45 p.m. the Rock County 911 Center received two Text-to-911 text messages asking for help. Dispatchers tried to communicate back to the individual, and the number associated with the messages had prior contacts at a residence in the 100 block of Red Apple Dr. and a caution note for that residence which noted that the homeowner has been the victim of several stalking incidents. Rock County 911 used a computer program to pinpoint the location the texts were sent from, which confirmed they originated from the Red Apple Dr. address. Janesville Police Officers were dispatched within a minute to that location. Upon arriving on scene, officers forced entry into the residence and found 26 year old Nicole Dunlap from Chicago, IL as well as the victim in a struggle. As officers were approaching Dunlap she lunged at an officer and struck him in the face with her fist. Another officer was able to control Dunlap, and she was taken to the Rock County Jail pending her initial appearance. Through an investigation, it was revealed that Dunlap entered the residence while the victim was at work. When the victim arrived home, the victim confronted Dunlap and the struggle ensued in which Dunlap strangled and battered the victim. Dunlap is facing charges of bail jumping, battery to law enforcement, intimidating a victim, battery, criminal trespass to dwelling, strangulation, and resisting an officer. More information on this story will be given as it becomes available.

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