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Janesville Fire Announces 2021 VFW Award Recipients

The Janesville Fire Department has announced its two recipients of the VFW Firefighter and Paramedic of the Year. The department has given the paramedic award to Nick Nolte (no relation to the actor), and the firefighter award to Captain Josh Uecker.

JFD says Uecker was selected for addressing the succession plan in the department and his work in creating the "Officers Development Plan". He's been with the department since 2006 and serves in a variety of roles with the department.

Nolte was selected for his work in researching EKG monitors, managing ambulance inventory, and for using his knowledge and experience to help other paramedics in the department, among other accolades. He has been with the department since 2013 and has served on the EMS Committee and as a contact person for IT issues.

Uecker (photo from Janesville Fire Department)

Nolte (photo from Janesville Fire Department)

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