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Janesville Community Dashboard Unveiled

According to an update from Forward Janesville, the Janesville Community Dashboard has been unveiled. The Janesville Community Dashboard focuses on providing objective data and measuring outcomes that can help guide and focus plans for moving the community forward. The Dashboard measures 32 metrics in eight different categories:

• Community Dimensions

• Strong Educational Foundation

• Dependable and Skilled Workforce

• Economic Growth and Opportunity

• Healthy Living and Healthcare

• Safe and Affordable Neighborhoods

• Public Spaces and Amenities

• Strong Civic Bonds and Infrastructure

The dashboard measures everything from population and gross domestic product to the number of trees planted per year in the city. Metrics that are improving are listed in green, while those that are declining are listed in red. For the launch of the program, there are 23 data points trending green and 9 trending red. The Janesville Community Dashboard can be accessed at

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