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Fort Atkinson Police and Fire Chiefs Discuss Upcoming Referendum

The April 5th election is fast approaching, and voters in Fort Atkinson will be asked to answer a referendum question regarding whether or not they support an increase in the City’s annual tax levy to cover the cost for two additional police officers, six full-time firefighter/paramedics and six full-time firefighter/EMTs.

Police Chief Adrian Bump discussed how a few citizens have reacted to the referendum so far. He said that there is some concern of citizens having to pay more in property taxes, but that the city has a great need right now to get citizens to buy in so the city can continue to provide the best possible services for years to come.

Fire Chief Daryl Rausch discussed possible action that may be taken if the referendum fails. He noted that they will have to look at other funding options, which may include cutting other services to the community or going back to referendum in the fall.

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