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Evansville Fire Department Responds to Saturday Incident

According to an update from the Evansville Fire Department, they along with the City of Evansville EMS and City of Evansville Police were dispatched at about 3:30 p.m. on Saturday to a report of smoke in a building located on Madison St. When fire units arrived, police were already on scene checking the building and evacuating patrons. A fire was discovered in the wall and ceiling/attic area of an apartment unit, but was difficult to reach due to numerous ceilings above the apartments. A working still alarm was then initiated to bring in mutual aid resources for additional manpower. Additional mutual aid Fire Companies were then used to open up the roof and attic area while interior crews opened up the ceiling inside the building, and the fire area was then accessed and extinguished. There was fire, smoke, and water damage to one apartment, minor damage to other apartments on the 2nd floor, and some water damage to the 1st floor area of the business. Occupants of the apartments will stay with family and friends. Loss estimates are not yet determined.

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