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Elkhorn Prepares For Snow

The City of Elkhorn is reminding its residents about the city’s snow removal ordinance. According to a Facebook post yesterday, the city says that in the event of any snow or natural weather event that involves snow or ice, that the sidewalks must be cleared of accumulated precipitation within 24 hours of the snowfall event. In any event where this cannot happen, the sidewalk must be sprinkled with materials that will prevent slipping.

Also in Elkhorn, parking restrictions will be in effect in advance of this evening’s winter storm. Because of the Winter Weather Advisory, no parking will be permitted on Elkhorn’s city streets during and up to 12 hours after the advisory’s expiration. The city is expecting 3 to 6 inches of snow with light glaze, however some projections are increasing those totals in some areas around the region. If you have any questions, contact EPD at 262-723-2210.

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