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Delavan Town Board Recap; Stormwater Discussion Postponed

The Delavan Town Board met in the Town of Delavan on Tuesday night in front of a packed crowd, as every seat in the gallery was taken. The board took action on several topics.

The first action item was voting on a local businesses request to receive a permit to expand a patio. The attorney recommended a continuance until May so a public hearing could be held, in order for residential feedback to be heard. Many residents appeared frustrated with the business owners lack of responsibility. The board then discussed a conditional use permit for a new small engine and lawnmower repair business. The business owner was asked beforehand to meet certain requests, and the plan commission felt as if denial was the best option. The council followed suit.

The board then motioned and approved a possible landscape plan to allow grading to repair a slope within the Shoreland Setback. After a landscaper spoke and said there was not any major landscaping projects necessary, the original motion was rescinded and the board voted to approve the variance.

Next up was a controversial topic regarding stormwater improvements in the Del Mar neighborhood on South Shore Drive. Several citizens spoke in public comment against the proposed plan, and a letter from a citizen was also read. The board then discussed the situation, where a pipe is draining water in a way that is harming the neighborhood. The pipe was found by engineers to be in poor shape, and the contractor said the biggest issue is a 2-week delay for Alliant Energy to protect a power pole near the digging. The engineer went about 100 feet into private property in the del mar neighborhood. The contractor said this was not an isolated issue, but that they could only replace to the right of way line because the rest of the pipe is private property. If the last stretch does not get replaced there could be significant issues, but this is not unique to Del Mar’s pipe but rather six pipes that feed into the lake. The contractor’s 100 feet ties into the neighborhood pipe, but there is an obstruction stopping the water and causing underground erosion. A 15 inch pipe has also been placed in the lake in a spot where a 24 inch pipe should go. The entire project would cost about $20,000, the quote was too large. The pipe of 24 inches that was previously in place was installed several decades ago. Supervisor Lynette Phillips said she does not have a problem agreeing to pay the difference and to accept the town’s part of the responsibility. Mary Knipper said she was troubled because if they find another problem, they would have to apply it to everything. Some residents, mostly on the phone, began talking over the board but the board continued their discussion. Katherine Gaulke asked if the board could hold off until the Winter to discuss finances. They were told yes, but there is an outstanding bill for $7500 from the 100 feet of work. The board decided to table the resolution and look at it again in the spring after more discussion.

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