Delavan/Darien High School Cracking Down on Vandalism

Yesterday a letter was sent to families who have students at Delavan/Darien High School. Excessive vandalism has been occurring in restrooms, locker rooms, and the cafeteria. In some cases, individuals have been taking food from the cafeteria and smearing it into the carpet or placing it on heaters throughout the building. Another occurrence is that students have been throwing toilet paper on the ground after using it instead of flushing it. Jim Karedes, Principal of Delavan/Darien High School, noted that going forward defamation of any kind within the high school will not be tolerated, and anyone found guilty of such acts will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Additionally, students are asked to use the StopIt app to report any issues of vandalism or illegal activity at the high school.

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