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DDSD District Administrator Gives Report To School Board

District Administrator Jill Sorbie presented her report to the Delavan-Darien School Board on Monday night. Her report focused on summer camp updates, facilities projects updates, and updates regarding outdoor dining at Delavan-Darien High School.

According to Sorbie, overall enrollment numbers for students in summer camp are up. She credits this to new head basketball coach Todd Pyszora, stating that he has brought in 49 students to the basketball camp as of last week. While the middle school camp is co-ed, the high school camp is all boys’ basketball. It was also noted that with the addition of a new football coach, the Board hopes to grow their sports programs over the next few years to compete at higher levels.

Regarding the facilities project update, everything seems to be going along smoothly. The current goal is to put in asphalt for the school tennis courts during the last week of July. It was also announced that the seating arrangements for spectators are being redesigned as well, after the previous setup was deemed a safety hazard.

Sobie closed her report with the plan for outdoor dining at Delavan-Darien High School. A 4500 square foot patio is to be installed for students to dine on. The patio is set to be built in August, with sails being installed for shade in the next eight to twelve weeks.

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