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Crash Hotspots in Walworth County To Have Special Enforcement Patrols Thursday (5/11)

The Wisconsin State Patrol Southeast Region will be in partnership with the Walworth Sheriff’s Office to conduct special traffic enforcement patrols in Walworth County on Thursday (May 11).

Officers will put focus on stopping risky driving behaviors that could lead to serious injuries and fatal crashes. From their press release, the Wisconsin State Patrol says that they have analyzed crash data from WisDOT’s Community Maps program to determine deployment areas. Those areas were not made known in the press release from May 10th. The goal is to step up enforcement and education in areas identified as hotspots to prevent crashes, injuries, and deaths. The press release went on to say, that... "Most crashes are preventable, and drivers can avoid serious injury or death by following some simple steps:

  • Don’t speed. Speed increases the severity of crashes.

  • Drive sober. Alcohol and drugs inhibit reaction times and make it harder for a driver to focus on safely operating a vehicle.

  • Buckle up. Wearing a seat belt can greatly decrease the severity of injury in a crash. Make sure children are in the proper safety seat.

  • Put the phone down. 1 in 5 crashes involves distracted driving. Turn off your phone or download an app to prevent incoming and outgoing messages, calls, and notifications while driving.

  • Drive courteously. Courteous driving encourages other drivers to be courteous. Aggressive driving influences others to drive aggressively."

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