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COVID 19 Update

Officials with the Department of Health and Human services are reporting that 4.6% of new COVID 19 tests came back positive Sunday. Over the past week the percent of new positive tests has fluctuated peaking at 4.6% and reaching as low as 2% earlier in the week. 280 new cases were confirmed on Sunday bringing the total infected in the state to 24,899. Roughly 58% or around 8,700 people have recovered fully from the virus with just under 5,700 cases still active in the state according to the DHS. Saturday there were 14 deaths due to the virus which is the most in one day since June 9th, there were no confirmed deaths on Sunday according to officials with the state death total at 744. Jefferson County reported 13 new cases and no deaths, Rock County reported 18 new cases and 1 deaths and Walworth county reported 10 new cases with no deaths. For more information on COVID 19 visit dhs.wisconsin.gov.