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Clinton Community School District Facilities Project Making Progress

According to an update from the Clinton Community School District, their facilities project has been making progress. See the list of improvements below:

• Room 311 has the floor prepped as well as plumbing installed

• 2D Art/Computer Lab floors are sanded prepped for finishes

• The main HS gym floor has most of the maple wood laid out and underlayment has been attached as well as the moisture barrier

• Work has begun on room 109A where we will be putting in a modular wall between the new classroom and the HS LMC

• HS Auxiliary gym is progressing nicely. The exterior structure is about 45% erected.

• Phase 1 Capital Maintenance Roofing project is rolling along great many walls and corners are all sealed up and watertight at this time.

• The window in the HS weight room has been removed and replaced with brick. That wall will be connected to the new Auxiliary gym.

• The retention swale is starting to be created outside of the Auxiliary gym.

• TechEd's main structure is now erected.

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