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City of Whitewater Revises Ordinance Regarding Junk Vehicles

According to a press release from the City of Whitewater, City Council has approved a revision to an ordinance of storing junk vehicles. The revision was officially approved in October of 2021, but will begin to be enforced with the arrival of spring and warmer weather. It is now a requirement to have a permit to store vehicles on a hard surface and use a car cover.

The full ordinance is listed below:

5.56.010 Storage – Permit Required

a. No person, firm, partnership, or corporation shall accumulate or store any junked, disassembled, inoperable, or unlicensed automobiles or trucks or parts thereof, on any real estate located in the City, except upon a permit issued by the City Council.

b. If an owner is actively racing, restoring, or repairing a vehicle, one vehicle, including stock/race vehicles, may be stored on the vehicle owner’s property, based on a permit being issued by the City Manager or his or her designee, for a period of up to one year when said vehicle is covered with a canvas, tarpaulin or manufactured vehicle cover that is properly secured, free of rips and tears and covers the vehicle to the wheels/tires. The stored vehicle must be:

1. Located in the rear yard;

2. Parked on a hard surface;

3. Kept in compliance with the Zoning Ordinance and all other City Ordinances;

4. Kept in a location that is not visible to travelers on public roads and alleys;

5. Kept in a location that, in the opinion of the City Manager or his or her designee, will not

substantially diminish the quality of views of neighboring property owners.

For questions about this ordinance, contact Neighborhood Services Director, Chris Bennett at (262) 473-0143.

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