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City of Lake Mills Shares Update on September 13 Sewage Leak

The City of Lake Mills has shared an update on the September 13 sewage leak near 350 South Ferry Drive. A second related spill occurred slightly to the south of this same area on September 16. The spills were mostly contained to the street curb and the tree lawn. However, it is possible sewage made it to the storm sewer system. Steps were taken to minimize public danger of contact with sewage. Utility employees took actions to stop the leak and contain seeping sewage on September 14 by noon, and cleaned up the initial spill by noon on Thursday, September 15. The second spill was repaired by 11:00 a.m. on Friday, September 16. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has been notified that the combined total of sewage spilled is estimated at approximately 7,450 gallons.

Utility employees determined that both spills were caused by a cracked or damaged force main line. Residents are reminded to stay out of possible areas of contamination and report any suspicious water/sewer leaks or spills to the city utilities at 920-648-4026. Questions should be directed to Paul Hermanson, Director of Public Works, at (920) 648-4026.

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