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City of Lake Geneva Gives Update on US Highway 12 Project

According to an update from the City of Lake Geneva regarding the US Highway 12 project, stage 2 work is finishing today, and stage 3 work will begin with removals. Box culvert work is also continuing. During the week of August 1, stage 3 removals will continue with asphalt pavement removals and tree clearing. Box Culvert work is anticipated to continue all next week on the eastbound side of US Highway 12. Bridge Painting at the Sheridan Springs Dr. Overpass will begin early next week.

US Highway 12 will remain open in a bi-directional configuration. Eastbound and westbound US Highway 12 will be reduced to one lane in each direction between US Highway 50 in Lake Geneva to County Trunk Highway NN Interchange in Elkhorn. The State Trunk Highway 120 on-ramp to westbound US Highway 12 is open. The eastbound US Highway 12 off-ramp to State Trunk Highway will close today and will remain closed until mid/late October.

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