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City of Jefferson Shares Update on Streetscape Project

According to an update from the City of Jefferson, progress is continuing on the east side of the streetscape project with bricks being laid on North Main Street, East Racine Street, South Main Street and East Milwaukee Street. Brick work will be completed by Friday, September 2 on the east side of the project. To address the issue of brick settlement within Main Street, a modified specification has been incorporated into the east side of the crosswalks with a concrete base being poured underneath the brick layer. Once the work on the east side is completed, traffic will be shifted over after Labor Day on Tuesday, September 6. Repairs will be made within the crosswalks by incorporating the modified specification on the west side of South Main Street. Additional work will also be completed including tree installation, electric, and placement of tree grates allowing traffic and street terraces to be reopened on Friday, September 16. Additional work will still be completed after September 18 including installation of an interactive kiosk, entryway features at Dodge Street, bike racks, benches, and other amenities.

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