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City of Janesville to Conduct Intermittent Curb and Gutter Replacement

According to an update from the City of Janesville, they will begin intermittent curb and gutter replacement between July 1 and August 10 on the following streets:

  • South Arch Street (West Conde Street to Joliet Street)

  • South Crosby Avenue (Termini South of Burbank Avenue to Kellogg Avenue)

  • Kellogg Avenue Access Road East of Burger King (Kellogg Avenue to Termini South of Kellogg Avenue)

  • Center Avenue Access Road to Dollar General (Center Avenue to 150' East of Center Avenue)

  • Kellogg Avenue (South River Road to Center Avenue)

These streets will be open to traffic while work occurs.

For more information, contact Assistant City Engineer Lisa Wolf at (608) 755-3162.

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