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City of Fort Atkinson Shares Update on Robert Street Bridge Project

According to an update from the City of Fort Atkinson regarding the Robert Street Bridge project, last week pavement connecting the bridge to the Riverside Drive intersection was completed. Grading at the south end was started, and concrete paving is anticipated this week. Parapet pours on the bridge are ongoing. Underneath the bridge, the forms are being removed.

The metal railing that will be on top of the parapet has arrived, and will be placed this week. Also this week, the final parapet concrete pour will be completed, and that will complete the bridge-related concrete work. All remaining concrete curb and gutter and concrete paving will be completed this week as well. Next week, work will include asphalt paving, lighting installation, and landscaping.

Roadway traffic patterns will remain the same. Work under the bridge removing forms continues six days a week; so boaters should be alert for barges and workers even on the weekends.

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