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City of Elkhorn Shares Update on 2022 Street and Parking Lot Improvements Project

According to an update from the City of Elkhorn regarding the 2022 Street and Parking Lot Improvements project, rain from the weekend and earlier this week impacted some of the work being done. Asphalt paving for Pinecrest lane resurfacing is completed.

For Court Street Reconstruction, fine grading continues through today. Lower layer asphalt work starts tomorrow and will go through Friday, and upper layer asphalt work begins next week on Tuesday and will wrap up on Wednesday.

For the Washington Street Parking lot, fine grading continues through today, and work on lower layer asphalt paving and temporary pavement markings will be completed tomorrow and Friday. The parking lot will temporarily be open for the holiday weekend, and will close again next week Tuesday through Thursday for upper layer asphalt and permanent pavement marking work.

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