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City of Edgerton Receives Grant to Repair West Fulton Street

According to an update from the City of Edgerton, they are receiving a $537,633 grant to resurface West Fulton Street from Highway 59 to Dallman Road in 2023. Grant funding is provided through the Federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The city’s proposal was one of 40 projects selected for funding out of more than 300 applications filed with the Department of Transportation. This section of West Fulton Street has a pavement quality rating of two on a scale from one to ten (with ten being the best). The pavement has repeatedly failed in many places and has thus required temporary repairs over many years just to keep it functional. With a total estimated construction cost of $867,083, the city has been unable to prioritize this street for reconstruction until the winning of this grant. This section of West Fulton Street serves as access to the West Meadows subdivision and to the eight businesses (soon to be ten businesses) in Edgerton’s industrial park. In addition to the many employees who drive on this street to go to and from work, the road also carries heavy truck traffic.

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