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City of Delavan Exploring Options for Civil War Muster Tree

The City of Delavan is currently looking for recommendations regarding the Civil War Muster Tree, located at the northwest corner of Seventh and Washington streets. Mark Wendorf, the Director of Public Works, says that the tree has an infestation that is eating the bark of the tree, which is slowly killing it. "That tree was there 100+ years ago when soldiers were being mustered out to the local train station to serve in the Civil War." said Wendorf. "The tree was of significant size even back then. So it's been around for a long time."

The city is looking at a few different options for the tree. The trunk of the tree (after the upper part of the tree is removed) might be turned into a carving, or wood from the tree could be used as a memorial bench. Delavan residents are encouraged to reach out to Mark Wendorf, the Director of Public Works, at with their suggestions and recommendations for the future of the Civil War Muster Tree.

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