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City of Beloit Receiving $9 Million Grant

According to a press release from Governor Tony Evers, the City of Beloit is receiving a $9 million Neighborhood Investment Fund grant to help with the development of a Community Outreach and Engagement Center at Beloit College to find solutions to complex community problems by fostering collaborations between numerous community organizations. Beloit College will renovate the Morse Library to house the Community Outreach and Engagement Center.

“Whether it’s addressing affordable housing, revitalizing our main streets, or bolstering opportunities in local communities, we’re making sure that our neighborhoods in every corner of the state are able to thrive for years to come,” said Gov. Evers. “I am thrilled to invest these funds in the people and neighborhoods in Beloit to build on the innovation, ingenuity, and collaboration that already exists to better serve the families, workers, and communities who call Beloit home.”

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