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City of Beloit Declares Snow Emergency This Weekend

According to a press release from the City of Beloit, they have declared a snow emergency beginning tomorrow at 1 p.m. until 11 a.m. on Sunday. During this time vehicles cannot park on city streets. Vehicles in violation of this ordinance may have their vehicles ticketed/towed at owners expense. However, the city does offer the following parking locations during snow emergencies:

Krueger Park Upper (Hackett Street at House Street): East Lot

Krueger Golf Course (1611 Hackett St.): South Lot

Wootton Park (4th Street at Maple Avenue): Entire Lot

Rotary Center (1220 Riverside Drive): Between Designated Signs

Jones Pavilion at Riverside Park (access via Portland Avenue): Entire Lot

Heritage View Parking Lot at 627 Pleasant: Between Designated Signs

Third Street (South Lot): West Side of Lot Along Fourth St.

Third Street (North Lot): North End of Lot Between Designated Signs

Ironworks (Fourth Street): Center Area Between Designated Signs

West Grand Avenue Lot (229 W. Grand Ave.): Center Area Between Designated Signs

Telfer Park (2100 Cranston Road): South East Area Between Designated Signs

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