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Citizens Demand Action On Diluent Spill

At the Jefferson County Board Meeting on Tuesday night, a husband and wife went before the Board to voice their concerns about a diluent spill 500 feet from their property. According to the couple, the Enbridge pipeline near their property sprung a leak, contaminating the ground water with diluent, which is highly toxic.

They claim the spill was detected in 2019 but was not repaired until nearly a month after it was reported. The couple also went on to say that in July of 2020, Enbridge found benzene in the ground water, but did not report this to the Department of Natural Resources for 455 days after discovering the spill. The couple then revealed that Enbridge revised the total amount spilled from 1.35 gallons to 1385 barrels.

The couple expressed their concern regarding Enbridge’s lack of knowledge on the situation and communication on the subject and hope to bring public attention to this issue.

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