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Certain City Streets in Janesville to Undergo Intermittent Curb and Gutter Replacement

The City of Janesville will have intermittent curb and gutter replacement on certain city streets from now until September 20. The streets include:

  • Rutledge Avenue (Southeast Harmony Circle to North Lexington Drive)

  • Rutledge Avenue (North Sumac Drive to North Pontiac Drive)

  • Rutledge Court (Rutledge Avenue to Cul-de-sac North of Rutledge Avenue)

  • North Sumac Drive (East Milwaukee Street to Mt. Zion Avenue)

  • Hawthorne Avenue (North Lexington Drive to North Claremont Drive)

  • Cornell Avenue (Northeast Harmony Circle to North Sumac Drive)

These streets will be open to traffic while work occurs. For more information on these projects, contact the City of Janesville Engineering Division at (608) 755-3162.

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