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CCLC Report Shows Student Enrichment

Michelle Minton presented the 21st CCLC Overview of the 2020-2021 schoolyear at the Delavan-Darien School Board Meeting on Monday night. During her presentation, Minton broke down the successes and challenges faced by the CCLC program over the last year.

She describes the program as largely successful, having 50 students in average daily attendance, compared to the state average of five. She credits this to the group efforts of the staff and enthusiasm of the community.

While the program still had to face obstacles due to covid, that did not stop the students from improving. Minton presented data that showed an increase in math and language arts skills for the students participating in the program. Results from a survey sent out to teachers also showed an improvement in homework completion by students participating in CCLC.

In addition to math and language arts, there were plenty of enrichment opportunities for the kids as well. Some highlights include in-person cooking class, construction class, virtual dance class, and a virtual robotics class. Minton stressed that these could not be possible without the relationships the school has with UW Whitewater, Discovery World Milwaukee, and 4-H.

The CCLC program is currently paid for by a five-year federal grant and is available at no cost to families.

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