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Burlington Assessment Letters Being Sent Out

Residents of Burlington, both homeowners and the commercial businesses in the community, should be receiving their 2021 Assessment Letters from Accurate Appraisal this week. This is part of a state mandated yearly review and all property values must be brought to Current Market Value, which is also known as Full Value Maintenance. The city says that the market changes every year and the assessed values can be adjusted in order to keep up with the market. In 2020, the city says that residential increased by 5.69%, commercial by 2.05% and the average increase was 4.62%. The percentage increase depends on the style of home and where the neighborhood is.

Any questions can be directed to 800-770-3927 or

There is also Telephone Open Book appointments scheduled for Monday from Noon to 7 and Tuesday from 9 to 3. There will also be in-person viewing available from 4 P to 6 PM Tuesday at the City Council chambers.

Residents are reminded that they do not have to attend the Open Book, and if you wish to object to the assessment, call the City Clerk at 262-342-1161, where you can file a "form of objection" and schedule an appointment. Form of Objection's are due 48 hours prior to the Board of Review, which is scheduled for August 31 from 4 to 6 PM.

The city says that Board of Review appearances are by appointment only. The Board of Review acts like a court and it is required to use factual evidence. Factual information must be shown that the property was assessed wrongly. No changes can be made when the Board adjourns.

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