Burlington Area School District Provides Construction Project Updates

The Burlington Area School District has given more updates towards construction projects being completed throughout the district. See the updates below:

  • 209 Building/District Office

  • Overhead inspections of MEP's was completed, ceiling tiles have been installed.

  • Boardroom accent wall is complete.

  • Interior carpet is complete.

  • Interior doors are scheduled to arrive next week to be installed.

  • Plumbers will install the new fixtures next week.

  • Casework will start next week.

  • Exterior metal panel work is expected to be finished next week.

  • Site work is schedule for middle of October.

  • Wainwright/Karcher site

  • Old Karcher and all building footing and concrete have been removed.

  • Pulverization of old building contents has finished and the rest of the material has been hauled off.

  • Site work will begin next week to construct the new football and soccer field

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