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Burlington Area School District Project Updates

The Burlington Area School District has shared updates to their projects throughout the district. See the list of updates down below:

  • Cooper/Secured Entrance/Site work

  • Painting is complete.

  • Cabinets have been installed in the office and classrooms.

  • Carpet has been installed in the new secured entrance.

  • Concrete curbing, siding and aprons have been poured.

  • Playground equipment is being installed.

  • Dyer/Montessori/Remodels/Roof

  • Painting is complete.

  • Cabinets have been installed in all of the classrooms.

  • Carpet installation is ongoing.

  • Waller/Secured Entrance/Bathrooms

  • Painting is complete.

  • Tile work is finished in the student and staff bathrooms.

  • Plumbers are installing fixtures in bathrooms.

  • Above ceiling electrical is ongoing.

  • Gym windows installed.

  • 209 Building/District Office

  • Windows have been installed.

  • Rough in wall electric is complete.

  • Drywall is 50% complete.

  • Tapping and mudding has started

  • Exterior brick work continues.

  • BHS RadioTower/Roof

  • New radio tower is complete.

  • Roof work has started.

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