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Booster Club Debate Surprises At Delavan-Darien School Board Meeting

At the Delavan-Darien School Board meeting, a fiery debated ensued regarding athletic fundraisers. There appeared to be some confusion about the role of the Booster Club in these athletic fundraisers. Board members were told multiple times that the Booster Club is considered a third party entity and while the athletic teams are holding their own specific fundraisers, the Booster Club just holds on to the money.

One board member asked what would happen if for example the football team decides to disagree with the amount of money in their Booster Club account. Anthony Klein and Dr. Guy Otte, who were giving the presentation, said that it doesn’t work that way, and that the Booster Club has a sport by sport breakdown of how much money they need to hang on to. The board continued to remain confused about the difference between Booster Club fundraisers and sport fundraisers. The Board can give the Booster Club permission to act as a third party under the Delavan-Darien name and also has the right to tell the Booster Club to stop if necessary. The Booster Club cannot be razed, but they wouldn’t be able to fund-raise under the Delavan-Darien name if permission isn’t granted. One board member expressed concerns that the district didn’t have the money to provide new equipment for some sports teams, but was told that some students will bring their own equipment if necessary. The Delavan-Darien Booster Club is made up of all volunteers, and “is not hurting anyone”. There was not a vote planned, as this was a report on Sport and Athletic Club fundraising.

It was also announced that the homecoming football game will be played at UW-Whitewater’s Perkins Stadium, as the school’s stadium project remains under construction. The game is scheduled for October 1.

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