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Beloit City Council Discusses Establishing Traffic Control Regulations on Park Avenue

Last night at the Beloit City Council meeting, they discussed an ordinance establishing various traffic control regulations on Park Avenue. City staff has had ongoing conversations with residents of the College Park Historic District regarding their concerns related to traffic speed and safety along and around the Park Avenue corridor. The following work is currently set to be completed:

  • The existing traffic signal at Park Avenue and Woodward Avenue will be removed and replaced with a four way stop sign.

  • Parking along Park Avenue will be restricted in both directions within 25 feet of Clary Street.

  • The school speed zone along Park Avenue from Bushnell Street to a point 200 feet south of Bushnell Street will be extended to a point 50 feet north of Bushnell Street.

  • High visibility pedestrian crosswalks will be added across Park Avenue at Clary Street, Emerson Street, and Chapin Street.

  • The right northbound lane on Park Avenue at E. Grand Avenue will become a right turn only lane. The right southbound lane on Park Avenue at Broad Street will become a right turn only lane.

To watch the full Beloit City Council meeting, visit

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