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Beloit City Council Approves Amendment to 2022 Capital Improvement Program

On Monday night at the Beloit City Council meeting, they approved an amendment to the 2022 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for safety and security upgrades to the Beloit Transit Transfer Center. Staff amended the 2022 Capital Improvement Program Budget by adding $262,500, plus $26,250 for contingency in Transit ARPA funding to include a project that would install fencing at the east perimeter of the Transfer Center parcel that limits access to the bus drive lanes from the public lots and directs pedestrian traffic to the marked crosswalks. Also, traffic arms at the southern and northern end of the drive lanes that will raise only for BTS vehicles will be installed as well. The project will be 100% funded with Transit ARPA funding, which requires no local match from the City. To watch the full Beloit City Council meeting, visit

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