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31-Year-Old Chicago Area Man Drowns In Geneva Lake

Commander Tom Hausner of the Geneva Lake Law Enforcement Agency joined us to provide more information on the drowning that occurred last night on Geneva Lake…

"On Sunday August 1 at approximately 7:09 PM, the City of Lake Geneva 911 Center began receiving 911 calls for a possible drowning on Geneva Lake in the Town of Linn near Big Foot Beach. Geneva Lake Police arrived within four minutes at approximately 7:13, along with Water Safety Patrol, and met with a boat that had approximately five people on board who were frantically saying that their father, dad and husband was missing and we needed to help find him. After approximately 30 minutes, the rescue operation was turned into recovery. During the recovery operation at approximately 11:45 PM the body was located via a tow fish SONAR unit and marked. Because of the hour of the day we were unable to recover the body for safety reasons at that time, and at 8:30 this morning members of the Walworth County Sheriff's Office Dive Team were able to recover the body".

Hausner identified the victim as a 31-year-old male from Elgin, IL who went into the lake to rescue his son who he felt was in distress in 45 feet of water. The man reportedly struggled and drowned while attempting that rescue. A MABAS Box was struck bringing numerous personnel from SE Wisconsin and N Illinois.

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