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Weather or not you're visiting a haunted house this year, we’ve all had an experience we will never forget with haunted houses. 


Rachel’s high school put on a haunted house every year as a fundraiser for the drama club, and throughout high school Rachel would volunteer in the house and have no issue.  However, after Rachel graduated, she decided to go through the house as a participant. This was one of the most frightening experiences ever.  Once she stepped in the building, she was greeted by hearing “Rachel’s in the house!” said very creepily over the loudspeaker.  Then everyone knew she was there, and taunted her all the way through the house!


Crystal experienced a very similar situation in a house she went through.  A girl she went to high school with was working in the house, and started calling her name using her maiden name.  Of course Crystal didn’t recognize her at first because of all the haunted house makeup, which created for quite the terrifying experience!  


Both Nora and Trey have never been through a haunted house. Perhaps taking them through a haunted house could be a good coworker team building / bonding experience!

 What's your best story of going through a haunted house?  Please reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat

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