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Welcome to our new blog at 104.5 WSLD! We can’t wait to share our ideas, recipes, and pet pics (just to name a few) with you!  Each week the blog will have a different topic.  This week we are talking about our furry friends, starting off with Scar the station dog! 


We realize that some of our listeners might recognize her, but not know much about her.  Scar is Nora’s (the boss lady) dog, and she is an 8 year old Irish Field Setter hunting dog. Scar plays an important role at the station.  Her job is to greet people at the door and provide entertainment to her coworkers.  A fun fact about Scar is that she loves her doggie cookies, and sometimes her coworkers sneak them to her if her mom isn’t looking (shh, don’t tell the boss on us!)  Want to know anything else about Scar?  Reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat!  Scar loves hearing from her fans! 

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