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Wisconsin Election Commission Only to Send One Ballot

The Wisconsin elections commission decided not to require local clerks to send two ballots to 81 thousand people who requested absentee ballots in the April 7th presidential primary. The commission earlier this month informed local clerks they had to send two ballots in order to comply with different deadlines under state and federal laws. State law requires ballots for federal races to be mailed 47 days before the election which means ballots must go out on Feb 20th, two days after the state and local primaries meaning there’s no way to get a complete ballot to absentee voters under the law. In the 2012 and 2016 the commission did not send two ballots other then to military and overseas voters and after backlash from county clerks the board voted unanimously to stay with the past practice and not send two ballots. The Presidential primary and general election for the supreme court is April 7th.

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