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Wisconsin Department of Health and Human Services Warns about Travel During Coronavirus

The Wisconsin Department of Health and Human services warned Tuesday about traveling to certain areas of the US after two more people tested positive for Coronavirus in Wisconsin. Officials said the two individuals had traveled to parts of the US with community spread of the virus like King County Washington, Northern California and parts of New York City and they urge others to avoid going to those places. Businesses and organizations have already started to heed the concerns of officials with Madison Metropolitan school district announced temporary out of state travel restrictions for all district staff and students and UWM and Marquette have extended their spring break to the 29th of March and are preparing to move many of their classes online when classes start back up, classes will be held as scheduled until March 15th. The department of health says if you’ve traveled in the past 14 days to places with community spread of the virus you should self quarantine yourself and monitor for symptoms for 14 days. If you have symptoms like fever, cough or difficulty breathing you should contact your doctor for possible testing.

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