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Wisconsin COVID 19 Numbers and Stats

The number of positive cases of COVID 19 continue to rise in Wisconsin as the number his 1,816 on Thursday with more than 20 thousand negative tests and 37 confirmed dead and 461 have been hospitalized due to the virus. Rock county has 19 confirmed cases with 1 death, Walworth county has 15 positive cases, Jefferson County has 12 positive cases and Waukesha has 120 cases with one death. Milwaukee continues to have the most cases with 918 positive cases and 18 deaths, Dane county is next with 238 confirmed cases and 3 deaths. Health officials estimate that at least 10 people are infected for every confirmed case with many showing mild or no symptoms at all. Nationwide shortages of testing supplies have prompted health officials statewide to prioritized testing for people with severe symptoms, those who need hospitalization and health care workers. The Wisconsin DNR has canceled all burning permits until further notice. All burning of debris in barrels, piles on the ground and grass or wooded areas are prohibited with officials saying first responders and firefighters have to be more prepared to protect the public from covid 19. Finally a federal judge wouldn’t change the date of the election but did extend by nearly a week the deadline for counting absentee ballots to April 13th, the decision is being appealed by state and national republicans.

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