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Whitewater Common Council To Refine Map For Possible New Sex Offender Ordinance

At the Whitewater Common Council Meeting earlier this week, the city discussed a number of topics around the area.

One of the more pressing issues was a possible ordinance limiting the addition of new sex offenders to the area. Those already in the community would be allowed to stay, but the ordinance would prevent those who wish to relocate to Whitewater from doing so in certain areas, such as near parks or schools. The new residence requirement would be limited to non-Whitewater residents as of their conviction date. The city did say that they were notified that insurance might not necessarily be on board with the plan and if they were to be sued for the ordinance they would have to “go at it alone”. A lawsuit involving the City of Glendale for a similar reason was brought up as an example.

Police Chief Aaron Raap pressed the council, saying he didn’t want Whitewater to be one of those communities where “the word is out which communities don’t have outside ordinances”. After a discussion that included confusion over a motion, the council motioned to “take the issue to city staff and have them refine the map and confer with others to determine what fits best for Whitewater”. The first reading of this was passed.

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