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Walworth County Board Discusses Budget

On Tuesday afternoon, the Walworth County Board Committee of the Whole met to discuss the county’s budget going forward. The majority of the discussion centered around the American Rescue Plan Act and how that implements into the budget. 60% of ARPA funds would go towards public safety, broadband, and scheduled construction projects as the 911 center upgrades to a computer aided dispatch (CAD) and the sheriff’s department gets a radio upgrade. There would be about $1.9 million designated for upgrades. The presentation calls ARPA a “game changer”. Additionally, funding would go towards the development of and renovation of three parks, White River, Natureland, and Price, with a total park investment of around $1,824,000. 5.4% of the ARPA funding would be uncommitted, or a little over $1 million. The overall tax levy in Walworth County is just over $61 million. $100,000 dollars would be designated towards a public health emergency facility at the Fairgrounds in Elkhorn, with that increasing to $1.4 million in 2023. That project won’t move forward until a memorandum of understanding can be reached. Also discussed was the long term evaluation of Lakeland Healthcare Center, which needs that evaluation in either 2023 or 2024. While the renovations would be ongoing, the C Wing would be set up as a temporary resident area. More meetings are scheduled this week on the budget, however on November 2 there will be a public hearing, with the adoption of the budget on November 9.

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